Saturday, September 20, 2008


Peace for The Country
I asked the Lord to bless this land,
A place and home we call our own;
Where heroes and martyrs stand no more
But gave their life for freedom and honor.
Peace for all we humbly pray,
Why do we hate and fight this way;
Aren't we glad we're here to stay
As brothers and sisters, happy and gay.
Let us make this war over,
Let's forget anger and forgive each other;
Let love and peace take over
Muslims, Christians, we are brothers.
Let us unite and start it right,
Embrace each other, do not divide,
Friends and foes hold hand so tight
So God will bless us with all His might!
Coconut Tree: The Tree Of Life
Coconut treesgrow in the lowlands and along the mountain sides. They are also planted in rows by the roadside as decoration. They grow about 90 feet. They start bearing fruits when they are about seven years old. They grow and live until they are about a hundred years or more.
The coconut is 0ften called The Tree Of Life because its very useful. The trunk may be used as building materials for house posts or flooring. The roots maybe used as medicines and fool, the leaves as house roofs or wall, the midrib of the leaves as brooms or baskets, the husk can be made into doormats or mattresses for funiture and the shell into buttons and fuels, too.
Inside the shell is the coconut meat. The shell also contains a clean liquid which is good to drink. From its meat, you can get milk for cooking purposes. Dried coconut meat is called Copra. Copra is sold to other countries, It is an important ingredient in making oil, soap, pomade, medicine, and many other products. These are only the more common uses of coconuts; there are a lot more.
Short Story:
Jaime and Ronald are best friends. They play together, go to the fields together, and talk a lot about anything including their dreams. They can just keep talking, laughing, and playing all day. They are both funny and playful children.
One day, Jaime suddenly paused while talking and asked Ronald, "what will we be when we grow up?"
Ronald quickly replied,"When I grow up I could be anything. I can do a lot of things. I can be a fireman, I will fight fire everyday. So that my mother won't stop me anymore to play with fire."
"That's very dangerous, you might get hurt. I would rather be a doctor and heal the sick. I will wear white uniform and will work inside my clinic and treat you when you get hurt in a fire," Jaime said.
Ronald laughed and said, "I could also be a cowboy someday, and ride everywhere on my horse. I'd chase after cows that run away and of course live on a ranch and that's a lot of fun".
Jaime blurted out," But that's dangerous, too. But what I want most is to be a President someday to lead our country. all decisions would be up to me and Malacanang would be my home. I will be wearing suits and Barong Tagalog every day".
"Planting rice, corn or vegetables is also what I want, I should be a farmer someday. It's also good to raise animals. Yes, farming is the life for me just like my father!" Ronald ended up.
"Why not? we can be good at anything we want to be. All we have to do first is to study hard now, and dream. You are the best farmer and I will give you an award for being the best farmer in the Philippines. Remember, I am the President." Ronald stood straight and pointed a finger at himself.
Once more the two ended up laughing.
They have the same motto in life: "Dream today as if you live forever and live today as if you will die tomorrow".

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